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Klemm KL 25 Developement
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Welcome to the Classics Hangar

We have been developing aircraft addons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series since 2001 with a focus on historic German aircraft.

Facelift for The Classics Hangar

Well, the old site was not optimised for mobile devices, so it was about time to take action. The new responsive design is loosely based on the plain and matter-of-fact style of the old aircraft manuals from the 1930s, which is also reflected by the fonts used. The site should now be user-friendly on all devices. There will certainly be some adjustments over the next few weeks. We hope you like the new look. There will also be new content in the foreseeable future, because we have a...

FS Magazin Tipp der Redaktion

FS MAGAZIN, Editor's Choice, 2011, Bf108

Simflight Award

SimFlight Award, best Vintage Aircraft 2011, Bf108

Avsim Gold Star Award

AVSIM Gold Star Award, 2010, Fw190A

Avsim Bravo Zulu Award

AVSIM Bravo Zulu Award 2011, Military Aircraft, Fw190A

FlightXpress Gold Award

FlightXpress Gold Award, 2010, Fw190A

PC Pilot Classic Aircraft Award

PC Pilot Magazine Classic Flight Simulation Award, 2010, Fw190A