P3D v3 request...

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P3D v3 request...

Post by Chunk »

Hello Mathias!

I would pay $20 each for a P3D v3 installer for the Early/Late Würger's, the Dora/Ta152's, and the Taifun. I can get them kind of working in P3D v3, but stuff like the configuration window for the Taifun do not work, as well as the nav lights on the 190's. Please!!! :D :D :D
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Re: P3D v3 request...

Post by Griphos »

I would LOVE to be able to use these wonderful planes in P3D. I've given up on FSX and uninstalled, but can't get the Taifun or FW190 working in P3D. No external textures on the Taifun.
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Re: P3D v3 request...

Post by david1952 »

Hi Guys

I too uninstalled FSX but installed it again after some years, due to many beautiful planes I can't use in my P3D V4
The planes here are old coded for use in P3D versions.
So you can make your choice like I did.

Bye, David
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