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little delay

Posted: Sun 1. Feb 2009, 23:21
by Mathias Pommerien
Hello everyone.
for the case you're wondering where the Fw190 is (since January is over), well, we're very close.
The online shop software is currently being implemented what will take probably another one or two weeks.
Once we're happy with the features and the security side of things we'll let the darling take off.

We just received the latest flight model builds from our Avhistory partners.
Well, what to say, I think you'll be as impressed as I am.
Each of the 9 variants has a unique set of airfiles far ahead and beyond the usual Turbo Cessna stuff you get to fly in FS.
Forgive me me if I sound a bit enthusiastic but I think we will bring you quite something with our first offering.
German accuracy coupled with American inspiration and Italian style! :mrgreen:
Stay tuned!

Re: little delay

Posted: Wed 4. Feb 2009, 20:15
by Helldiver
I can understand the occasional delay. But at my age I wonder if I'll still be around to fly her. By the way, have you got a price on the airplane yet? This is one that I have been certainly looking forward to. As our cowboys would say, "I'm chomping at the bit!"

Re: little delay

Posted: Thu 5. Feb 2009, 09:49
by Mathias Pommerien
Naa, it's really not too far away anymore.
The aircraft is ready, it's all about preparing the website and testing installers.
Price will be around 29€ with the option for registered users to get the follow up (the late variants A-5 to A-9)) at an upgrade price.