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HE 111 and JU 88

Posted: Sun 9. Nov 2008, 02:47
by eddie
Mathias, I saw this link for this site at another forum, and thought you might ike to take a look! They are restoring a JU88 and a HE111. I am not familiar with the group who are involved, but one is called DTM. Apparently from Germany, have you heard of them?

Anyway, here is the link-

When you get to this page, look on the left side. You will see a section called Recovery. Move your cursor over that, and then select Recovery again, from the menus that opens. Select HE111, and look at the pictures. You can click on them, and they will get larger.

Since the only 111's I have ever seen have been in flight sims, I could never imagine how large or small different aircraft are. You will see a picture of this 111 out of the water, behind the recovery ship. Enlarge it. Look down at the lower left corner, and you will see a man standing there. Now, compare his size to the 111. It sure doesnt look like a very large aircraft, its not as big as I thought! Oh well, its fun to find out things like this,lol

If these guys can put the 88 and the 111 back together again, to be seen in a museum, they are engineering magicians!!! :mrgreen:

Re: HE 111 and JU 88

Posted: Thu 20. Nov 2008, 07:26
by alx
And, in the same site, click Other --> Other Projects --> Black 3....

Re: HE 111 and JU 88

Posted: Tue 25. Nov 2008, 01:26
by eddie
Hello Alx, nice to hear from you again! You are doing the same great work with these 190's as you had done with the Schnauffi skns, top notch work!! :D